Some Useful Resources


Free e-book (with church imprimatur) for your computer/tablet/phone: 

Son of God: The Daily Gospel Year B-1 

The new Liturgical Year begins on the First Sunday of Advent. This e-book may be downloaded free of charge to any computer/ tablet/ phone.  It offers the Gospel for every day of the coming Liturgical Year B-1 (Sundays Year B, weekdays Year 1), followed by a reflection of some 750 words on each daily Gospel. The e-book may be passed on for downloading to friends or acquaintances as desired. It carries the Imprimatur of Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney, given when he was Bishop of Parramatta. 

Son of God: The Daily Gospel Year B-1   may be accessed at the following URL address: 

‘Being a disciple’ web series – January is a time when we try and work at being a better person, why not explore how we can be a grow as a disciple of Jesus? On the 4 Thursdays of January we will explore a different aspect of what it means to be a Catholic disciple with Brendan Thompson the CEO of Catholic Voices in a web series on Zoom. Catholic Voices are an international organisation that shares the Good News in the global media. This will be a great foundation for parishes, chaplaincies and individuals to explore how we can support each other in growing as Catholic disciples. Register for the series here: