Mass Times


Sixth Week of Ordinary Time – Psalter Week 2



Sat 15th                     Feria

9.30 am                     Mass Mindaugas Narusis – good estate

3.30-3.50 pm            Confessions

4.00 pm                     Mass People of the Parish

Sun 16th                    SIXTH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME

8.45-9.05 am            Confessions

9.30 am                     Mass Jose Freitas RIP

11.30 am                   Mass (Polish language)

1.00 pm                     Mass (Polish language)

2.30 pm                     Lithuanian Mass

7.30 pm                     Mass (Polish language) 

Mon 17th                   Feria

12.00 noon               Mass (Polish language)

Tues 18th                   Feria

9.30 am                      Mass In thanksgiving for employment regained

Wed 19th                   Feria

9.30 am                     Mass (Church) Grandparents of Nathan RIP

2.00 pm                     Divine Mercy

7.30 pm                     Mass (Polish language)

Thurs 20th                 Feria

9.30 am                      Mass Noel Bradley RIP (Foundation)

Fri 21st                       Feria

9.30 am                      Mass Fr Christopher O’Brien RIP

7.30 pm                      Mass (Polish language)

Sat 22nd                     CHAIR OF SAINT PETER, APOSTLE (FEAST)

9.30 am                      Mass James Searle RIP & well-being of his family

3.30-3.50 pm             Confessions

4.00 pm                      Mass People of the Parish

Sun 23rd                     SEVENTH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME

8.45-9.05 am             Confessions

9.30 am                      Mass Thierry Gnanakumas & Therese Matilda Thanarajah RIP

11.30 am                    Mass (Polish language)

1.00 pm                      Mass (Polish language)

7.30 pm                      Mass (Polish language)

If anyone is in hospital please let Father Alex, 01205 362056, and John McGarel (for Communion), 07585 774 745, know about them

 [The Ward the patient is on would be very helpful]