Fr Dominic’s Weekly Letter

28th November

Dear Faithful

We need to progress on our journey articulated by Pope Francis and Bishop Patrick.  Having been away there is a little catching up to do. So I suggest that we have a parish meeting to discuss the issues below and also, use the opportunity to discuss the letter in which I articulated a particular vision of our parish going forward.

The following are questions the diocese have suggested that may help us going forward; you may want to consider one or several; or simply put forward comments on our parish mission in general.

1) As a parish/chaplaincy do we know who are the people who feel marginalised or separated from the parish/chaplaincy and society?

2) How best can our parish respond? Suggest at least two identifiable ways (an immediate action and a long-term change) in which, as a parish, we will reach out to, and listen to, the marginalised or separated.

3)How do I hear and respond to the voice of God’s Holy Spirit, in my life; what signs of the Spirit at work do I see in the life of my parish/chaplaincy?

4) What steps may the Holy Spirit be calling us to take, as a parish/chaplaincy, on our journey together into God’s future?

The goal is to have two concrete actions that we should pursue going forward that we can then pass on to the deanery.

The meeting will be on Thursday 9th December at 7.00pm in the hall.

If you are unable to attend please make suggestions/points in writing so that your views can be heard and taken into account.

My holiday was refreshing and my retreat at Pluscarden Abbey fruitful; thank you for your prayers.

I wish you all a very blessed and fruitful Advent but it is also good to be back.

Fr Dominic